Ancient [adjective]

Definition of Ancient:

old, often very old

Opposite/Antonyms of Ancient:






Sentence/Example of Ancient:

Regenerative agriculture dates back at least to biblical times, when the ancients practiced rudimentary crop rotation by letting their fields lie fallow in order to keep the soil rich with nutrients.

George Poinar, an entomologist and paleontologist at Oregon State University in Corvallis who described the ancient cricket, stands by his conclusions.

The evidence of ancient cricket sperm is less clear, he says.

Microraptor, which lived some 120 m­illion years ago alongside ancient birds, is distantly related to Aves.

Those developing embryos were reverting into ants that looked more like their ancient endosymbiont-free ancestors.

She’s a historian of ancient science at Stanford University in California.

Delfino studies ancient reptiles at the University of Turin in Italy.

For its last meal, an ancient marine reptile called an ichthyosaur may have bitten off more than it could chew.

“These advanced techniques are extremely powerful tools to improve our understanding of this ancient practice.”

Cosmologists calculate how fast space should be expanding today by observing ancient light emitted during recombination.