Elderly [adjective]

Definition of Elderly:

in old age

Synonyms of Elderly:

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Sentence/Example of Elderly:

A range of inoculations may be needed to protect different groups like the elderly, he said.

They are needed for nursing facilities for the elderly, and to take care of that growing elderly population.

This includes looking after children and the elderly at home.

We found that blood components from exercised mice, both adult and aged, can transfer memory and brain regeneration benefits to elderly “couch potato” mice.

For instance, elderly people may need a vaccine that prods the immune system harder to make antibodies, and children may need different vaccines than adults do.

Khan suggests that because these elderly people instead live at home with their families, they are less vulnerable.

The team picked ten points in their lifespan, covering the entire range of newly born to adolescent to adulthood and the elderly.

Not just the young girls but even the elderly women do not know how to use a sanitary pad.

The mothers with small children, along with the elderly, were automatically sent to death.

I have one friend whose elderly parents are in two separate elder-care homes.