Sparing [adjective]

Definition of Sparing:

careful, economical

Synonyms of Sparing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sparing:

Sentence/Example of Sparing:

"Well, I'm not sparing you the 'Be—'," said Donald, busy with the fastenings of the lunch basket.

Many of our most energetic and useful workers have been but sparing readers.

But it doesn't present itself to me as a ground for sparing the older generation.

But after a quarrel, when the laundress had bullied her, the old woman was not sparing in her allusions.

Was this his clemency—this sparing of my life that he might submit it to an eternal shame?

Such a sparing meal as they made—for neither had much appetite—was made in silence.

Mackenzie accepted the correction with a nod of understanding, sparing his words.

These gentlemen are sparing of speech, and more so of gesture.

But, aware that we had only half an hour before us, we were sparing of the minutes.

But the colour had been laid on with no sparing hand, the veil was impenetrable.