Spendthrift [noun]

Definition of Spendthrift:

person careless with money

Synonyms of Spendthrift:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spendthrift:



Sentence/Example of Spendthrift:

He had acquired this from his mother's teachings and his father's spendthrift ways.

The three distinguished characters were a spendthrift, a bailiff, and a dun.

In his youth he was a spendthrift and paid no heed to his property.

As you say, he seemed to be a ruler, but was only a spendthrift.

Even then, his style should not be the spendthrift waste they say he is fond of.

A man, he judged, of spendthrift generosity, a prodigal of himself.

"He is a spendthrift; he cannot be trusted," said his sister, who loves him dearly.

I can see in him but youth wasted, and the prodigal of that is spendthrift indeed.

You talk as if a miser on Monday were always a spendthrift on Tuesday.

"He talks as if he knew a thing or two," muttered the spendthrift to himself.