Monstrous [adjective]

Definition of Monstrous:

unnatural, shocking

Opposite/Antonyms of Monstrous:

Sentence/Example of Monstrous:

A non-loving Universal Thought was too monstrous a concept to entertain.

I do know that you did it for love of me, monstrous though it sounds to say so.

She thinks it monstrous because she has eyes in her head; she thinks it monstrous because it is monstrous.

They had sent this monstrous caricature of the most beautiful thing in the world.

His design then appeared to him insane, monstrous, polluting.

It seemed to him monstrous that one should sadden one's life by such an excursion as this.

The manner in which he had been insulted by that creature Silviane was so monstrous!

Such a monstrous Pandarus would have been blackballed at the Pimp.

He listened patiently, but seemed wedded to some monstrous view of his own.

What now appears to us as monstrous seemed then quite natural.