Disgraceful [adjective]

Definition of Disgraceful:

shameful, low

Synonyms of Disgraceful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disgraceful:

Sentence/Example of Disgraceful:

This is disgraceful and reinforces the need for Congress to protect consumers and small businesses from this predatory behavior.

A disgraceful attempt to smear POTUS, 60 days before the Presidential Election!

Nothing so disgraceful could possibly occur, always answered Mr. Watkin.

Kings have done some disgraceful things in their time, but nothing quite so bad as your conduct to-night.

The army's called out already to help the police keep order—the lootin' was disgraceful for about an hour.

The disgraceful riots of Philadelphia again commenced; many were killed.

Here Lawrence turned Captain Jackson over, charging him with disgraceful cowardice.

Eliminate the disgraceful epithet from your vocabulary, sir, when you are addressing yours truly.

Why, therefore, is not this disgraceful practice thrown aside?

"This heathenish practice is a disgraceful stain upon the escutcheon of our State," said Ida.