Discreditable [adjective]

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The ruse by which he and Lannes captured the bridge below Vienna was discreditable no doubt from the point of view of morality.

They are discreditable-looking places where there is no order, no cleanliness but utter confusion and horrible din and noise.

They loaned money to individuals, too, though at Rome money lending was discreditable.

He needed votes in parliament, and he obtained them, as the whig leaders had done, by discreditable means.

Wedderburn's speech and the spirit in which it was received were impolitic as well as discreditable.

She knew the man implied something discreditable to Kilmeny.

I don't mean to say entangled in anything discreditable, for I admit that you are in practice as ideal as in theory.

They tell stories of such cases up and down the islands, and mostly the stories are very ugly and discreditable indeed.

His tone was that of one who pleads to have a disturbing and discreditable doubt utterly removed.

Such gossip can never become a pure enjoyment; it remains at the best an ignoble, discreditable excitement.