Shameful [adjective]

Definition of Shameful:

atrocious; disreputable

Opposite/Antonyms of Shameful:

Sentence/Example of Shameful:

Not shameful, this: the honest pride of a woman in being chosen from many.

But you are fitted for society, and it is shameful to have you exiled from it.

The scene was so shameful that I could scarce bear to look upon it.

You're to be congratulated; it's a shameful waste of time and money.

She had to sacrifice her sinful and shameful affections; no more.

The abominable and shameful peace had been signed, the wretched Commune crushed.

We have been rewarded beyond our deserts, and such reward is shameful.

Savage women regard it as shameful to cover their sexual organs.

Shameful beseeching—shameful that she should have to beseech.

His heart was nigh breaking at the thought; it was too shameful.