Shaming [verb]

Definition of Shaming:

disgrace, embarrass

Synonyms of Shaming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shaming:

Sentence/Example of Shaming:

However, he succeeded in shaming the child out of these thoughts.

I drove the thought from me, but it came again and again, shaming me and yet fastening on me.

She was fair terrified of them turning Maori and shaming their father.

Of the shaming of Kunnewaaré; and of the death of the Red Knight.

Farewell, farewell; we will not know you for shaming of you.

I was only shaming her a little, because she sat there crying just like a great baby.

Shaming not her prototype, she stood before us, the vision of all that we had anticipated.

The harshness, Paul knew, was calculated, in the hope of changing her mind by shaming her.

Every eye was on him and again the floor thundered, shaming her, flattering him.

We talked about meddling women, but the truth was that they were shaming us by doing what they could.