Ribald [adjective]

Definition of Ribald:

vulgar, obscene

Synonyms of Ribald:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ribald:

Sentence/Example of Ribald:

A cry of surprise was raised, and drowned in a volley of ribald inquiry and chaff.

But yesternight that ribald mocked him with his lack of scars.

All his life Alexander had been the victim of the most ribald calumnies.

Logan raised his voice to repeat the words and to add a ribald comment.

Mr. Harding showed that he had a large repertoire of ribald rhyme.

"Heed not their ribald scoffs," said Montagu Percy, loftily.

We must do our best to be frivolous and ribald, and supply a proper foreground.

Not a few of the fabliaux are cynically gross—ribald but not voluptuous.

A burst of applause greeted the performance of this ribald parody.

“Smithson, this is no matter for ribald jest,” said the lieutenant, sharply.