Indecent [adjective]

Definition of Indecent:

obscene, vulgar; offensive

Synonyms of Indecent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indecent:

Sentence/Example of Indecent:

It allows indecent content as long as it conveys news, personal experiences, or to make political statements.

In January 2009, at the end of a drawn-out criminal case stemming from the October 2007 encounter, a judge found Mason guilty of indecent conduct.

Without racial, socioeconomic, and political power, without the right “image,” ideas command little value — at most they are trendy, at worst “indecent” or even “criminal” if embraced by the minority.

I've said from the very first, it's downright indecent for a girl to live alone on a farm—no chaperon, not even a woman servant.

"It would be a highly indecent spectacle, my dear," said the vicar with a chuckle.

It is said, perhaps untruly, that his remonstrance to the Prince against his remaining here has been ungentlemanlike and indecent.

A telegraph company must transmit a message unless it contains indecent language.

The person whose mind is satisfied by the parlour dullness of that nightly foolery only becomes animated when he is indecent.

For it would have been indecent, and perhaps illegal, that he should audit his own accounts.

Charges of unlawful carnal knowledge or indecent assault arise, for the most part, from complaints made by females.