Immodest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Immodest:

Aishca, expressed her opinion that the thing would be immodest and dangerous.

One very immodest angel is supposed to be the portrait of the Duchess of Alba, who was famed for her numerous intrigues.

You saw nothing on public stages but indecent harlequinades, dirty and scandalous intrigue, foul jests, immodest loves.

Where would indecent costumes, immodest dances, equivocal friendships be, if brothers were more frequent advisers?

He shared the feelings of the delightful lady who remarked that in her opinion it was immodest to go abroad without gloves.

This seems an immodest requirement in a world where one good is hardly to be got without renunciation of another.

At that precise moment Bones was winding up a most immodest recital of his accomplishments with a less immodest footnote.

That girl is immodest who reconciles to herself such things, and yet assumes the look of innocence.

Germinie did not become immodest in the same degree that she abandoned herself to her passions and sank lower and lower in vice.

Such a course is, to a certain degree, both unprincipled and immodest.