Unchaste [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unchaste:

All these repinings and complaints come from unchaste spirits.

Therefore, where polyandry is in the mores, women who comply with it are not unchaste.

Where there are no laws for the conduct of unmarried women they are not unchaste.

It would hold off from an unchaste woman and fall off from a thief.

Hear me when I say that Norma Byng never had an impure or unchaste thought in her life.

It sits for treason to the ancient guild; it sits on one who is unchaste with the Gentiles.

It is a vain or unchaste heart that makes an unchaste tongue.

Humanity must become chaste, for only the beasts were unchaste.

Vicious and profligate, drunken and unchaste, as a class, they certainly were not.

As in the East, too, the unchaste woman is regarded with great abhorrence.