Infected [verb]

Definition of Infected:

pollute, contaminate

Synonyms of Infected:

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Sentence/Example of Infected:

Assuming 20 percent are already infected, about 40 percent would need to be vaccinated.

That uncertainty is difficult to model precisely, so many modelers assume that, for the time being at least, those who have been infected are immune.

We very quickly understood, for instance, that those face shields need a top cover since the particles are dropping down and infecting the other person.

Those antibodies may later prevent the real virus from infecting us.

Those with lower viral loads may still be able to infect others, and the data is murkier for asymptomatic people, she added.

The Crew-1 mission launched two days after officials at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration determined that Musk, who may be infected with coronavirus, had no physical interactions with key personnel.

Now, he says, they infect 90 percent of children at young ages.

NASA on Friday was checking on Musk’s recent contacts with agency personnel after he tweeted late Thursday that he might be infected with the new coronavirus.

Coronaviruses mutate far more slowly than influenza viruses do, but the opportunity increases with each new person infected.

In North Dakota, for example, 1 out of every 83 residents has been infected with the virus in the past seven days.