Carnal [adjective]

Definition of Carnal:

erotic, sensual

Synonyms of Carnal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carnal:

Sentence/Example of Carnal:

Charges of unlawful carnal knowledge or indecent assault arise, for the most part, from complaints made by females.

If you examine them about spiritual matters, you will find them merely carnal.

I prayed that the many evils I felt within might be done away, and that I might be weaned from my former carnal acquaintances.

And the sly carnal wisdom of the advice, no less than the charity which made it practicable, left a good taste in the mouth.

David groaned to find that such carnal motives could have influence upon the mind of a powerful preacher.

But if others sought carnal lust in the cloister Luther led a most rigid and holy life.

To-day carnal strength is stalking in deadly stride through a whole continent.

Fear, of course, was the only motive she employed; for how could our still carnal understandings be affected with love to God?

Wit is thinner; it has a subtler spark of light in its eye, and a less carnal gush of jollity in its laugh.

He implies that if we do not resist carnal inclinations, but rather follow them, we shall lose our priceless eternal inheritance.