Intellectual [adjective]

Definition of Intellectual:

very smart

Synonyms of Intellectual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intellectual:

Sentence/Example of Intellectual:

I want them to be able to have a positive intellectual experience and be able to give some different thinking that goes along with that emotion that they feel.

This group of nations must have amenable regulations and trade policies to attract international investors, understandable labor laws, and clear respect for intellectual property.

A model can seem relatively easy to put together, so easy that it’s not even much of an intellectual challenge.

The soldiers were accused of stealing intellectual property, business plans, and negotiation strategies from companies such as Westinghouse and US Steel.

We started to build intellectual property in energy transmission generation, to look at how you could rebuild the grid—the thing that hasn’t been upgraded in 150 years.

He started his career as a federal prosecutor in computer hacking and intellectual property law.

While some academics praised their effort in exposing intellectual flaws, others criticized them.

Following the revolution, Boston established itself as the transportation hub for the New England region, and later went on to become one of the intellectual, educational, and medical centers of the nation.

In 1931, the Austrian logician Kurt Gödel pulled off arguably one of the most stunning intellectual achievements in history.

So, finally, my intellectual and cultural and moral interests have found a place to come together.