Infamous [adjective]

Definition of Infamous:

shameful, bad in reputation

Opposite/Antonyms of Infamous:

Sentence/Example of Infamous:

The infamous Cutter pharmaceutical disaster of 1955 refers to the tragedy that occurred when companies rushed to produce the polio vaccines developed by Jonas Salk.

Though we tried to remember to take it out of the water and secure it to the top of the boat during the big rapids, it may or may not have taken a ride down the infamous Crystal while clipped to the outside of the rig.

It also mentions various cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes, such as the infamous OneCoin.

I think the most infamous example of this is in 2018 when Mark Zuckerberg testified to the Senate after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

One particularly infamous hostile mob is a creeper, a dark green, frowning humanoid with a passion for blowing up.

Referencing a study into Covid-19’s infamous spike protein, Matsuo said what would have taken Fugaku’s predecessor, the K computer, days or weeks took just three hours on Fugaku.

Among these are the infamous spike protein that sniffs out and penetrates its human cellular target, but there are also enzymes and molecular machines that the virus forces its human subjects to produce for it.

For twenty years you hold an innocent and virtuous woman under an infamous suspicion.

The Jacobins now made a direct and infamous attempt to turn the rage of the populace against Madame Roland.

Those letters incriminate you to the full in this infamous matter here at Condillac.