Notorious [adjective]

Definition of Notorious:

known for a trait, often an

Synonyms of Notorious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Notorious:

Sentence/Example of Notorious:

It is now, as is notorious, more in evidence than ever before.

The ardor of Mr. Gladstone's feelings on this subject is notorious.

You wouldn't suppose this man to be a notorious rascal; would you?'

When he comes out, he is surely as notorious a Thief as he was when he went in.

To make a good beginning, I will give half a dozen of the most notorious.

He smiled as he named the notorious leader of the whole organization.

So here was the great mob agitator, the notorious leader of strikes.

Just such a man as is the notorious half-breed cattle thief.

But the fate of shipwrecked mariners all over the world is notorious.

Ain't you a lucky man to have a wife as notorious as she's gettin' to be!