Shoddy [adjective]

Definition of Shoddy:

in bad shape

Synonyms of Shoddy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shoddy:

Sentence/Example of Shoddy:

Most of the novels and non-scholastic books were of a shoddy, sensational type.

You can tell at a glance that it is shoddy and quite unfit for wearing.

Well, if this stuff is flocks, how is shoddy made, and what does it look like?

Once a year there was a distribution of cheap blankets and shoddy clothing.

When you agree to clothe the body,Expand your soul and flee from shoddy.

And he took the shoddy reproof and touched it into immortality.

A shambling, shoddy crew, this crowd of shoppers and labor demonstrators!

That Eton captain is cut out of whole cloth; no shoddy there, by Jove!

I may state, in passing, that it was during the Civil War that the word "shoddy" was coined.

The work of this or that smith always looks rough and shoddy.