Inoffensive [adjective]

Definition of Inoffensive:

not obnoxious; harmless

Synonyms of Inoffensive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inoffensive:

Sentence/Example of Inoffensive:

Their discipline is admirable, but their natural disposition is likewise quiet and inoffensive.

The city hell hounds sprang to meet them and the slaughter of inoffensive Europeans began in Darya Gunj.

Margaret laughed outright and her laughter was so inoffensive and so musical that the Chief Inspector laughed also.

Mr. Bailey was a quiet, inoffensive man, very free with his money to everybody around.

You should never venture on the most innocent and inoffensive joke, unless it be with people of culture or intelligence.

But the merciless excisions of inoffensive passages by the Austrian censorship destroyed the journal in a year.

The inoffensive word was the more readily adopted by the classes who had least notion of its signification.

On the road the inoffensive inhabitants were pillaged, ravaged and massacred to the cry of 'God wills it!'

The aboriginal tribes of Australia are of a low-class black race, but generally peaceful and inoffensive in their habits.

Its impertinence and folly might well have provoked the raillery of the most inoffensive.