Unoffending [adjective]

Definition of Unoffending:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unoffending:

Sentence/Example of Unoffending:

What's that to me that they are unoffending, when I am starving for next to no offence?

He was about to spit his disgust on an unoffending fly, but quickly changed his mind.

Was it that I might cheat my unoffending cousin of her rights?

I have torn all my hair off, and constantly beat my unoffending family.

Joshua and all Israel had not only stoned Achan, but with him all his unoffending house.

I was comforted by this conclusion, as I had no desire to shoot an unoffending person.

Heaven bless and preserve them; their unoffending daughters; and my ever loved uncle!

The death of the hero, innocent and unoffending, was not enough.

From these words Mr Best turned an unoffending face to Stephen.

At that moment he could have wished the unoffending Reggie at the bottom of the sea.