Kindhearted [adjective]

Definition of Kindhearted:

compassionate, helpful

Synonyms of Kindhearted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kindhearted:

Sentence/Example of Kindhearted:

Officer Leath was a loving mother, a kindhearted woman, and a well-respected officer who served her community selflessly.

Then Suyettar who of course wanted them to think that she was a human, kindhearted girl said, no, she would bathe them.

But no, it was no mistake; and the words of that kindhearted messenger, his compassionate air as he spoke to me and shook my hand.

Kindhearted folk are always shrewd and clever, when it is a question of doing a kind act.

No matter, said the kindhearted Gerval; if the young womans husband or relatives are criminals I will keep her none the less.

He was having good times now; for his boss, George Ealer, was as kindhearted as Brown wasn't.

Once upon a time there lived a king who had but one son, and he was called the Kindhearted.

Prince Kindhearted and the princess were happily married, and I was present at the wedding feast and also felt happy.

This shower of conflicting statements always left the kindhearted people in a confused frame of mind and broke me up completely.

Rachel had taken herself over to Mrs. Sturt, and greatly amazed that kindhearted person by her silence and confusion.