Dike [noun]

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When riding or walking along upon such a dike on one side, down a long slope, they have a glimpse of water between the trees.

The dike was very regular in its form, and it was ornamented with two rows of trees along the top of it.

The dike was very broad, and the descent from it to the low land on each side was very gradual.

They had a delightful drive back, going as they came, on the top of the great sea dike.

The passengers that came in the ferry boat divided into two parties, as they came down the dike.

He pointed to a little line running from the western slope of the mountain down to the rock dike.

From the time of the completion of the new dike dated the Scotchman's troubles.

The people were huddled on a little patch of marsh within a curve of the dike.

How the wind roared in from the sea over the Tantramar dike!

What if the dike should break up yonder, and this fearful tide get in on the marshes?