Confirm [verb]

Definition of Confirm:

ratify, validate, prove

Opposite/Antonyms of Confirm:

Sentence/Example of Confirm:

When the oath is given to confirm an assertion, it is sworn in confirmation of a covenant with God.

In later periods still, the history of African travelers, confirm all the former accounts concerning the industry of the people.

But it is at least deserving of notice, that the very few apparent exceptions to this rule evidently tend to confirm it.

Chet touched a button, and a white light flashed to confirm his report that all was clear.

To confirm the evidence of these gentlemen two or three sailors were put into the witness box.

With great difficulty were they induced to confirm this engagement with an oath taken by the head of the emperor.

Day appeared, but only to confirm my conviction that flight was impossible without external aid; and how could that reach us?

Rider told the first of his own knowledge; and both he and Sir W. Batten confirm the last.

What remains to us, in the mural decorations of Pompeii and the designs on vases, seem to confirm the criticisms of the ancients.

The list of challenge cups presented by Her Majesty will amply confirm the assertion.