Dedicate [verb]

Definition of Dedicate:

donate, set aside for special use

Synonyms of Dedicate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dedicate:

Sentence/Example of Dedicate:

Deep Longevity itself was recently purchased by Regent Pacific, a publicly traded Hong Kong company founded by British billionaire James Mellon, who has funded a number of ventures dedicated to reversing human aging.

Now people are training diligently, tuning their bodies to suit the needs of the sport, and otherwise dedicating their lives—and tons of resources—to being the best.

Gelinas earned over $3,000 a month on a crowd-funded Patreon site dedicated to supporting the QAnon site, which he said helped cover the monthly operating costs.

Still, with the community reeling, a number of positive reforms emerged in the protests’ wake — particularly, the Minority Business Accelerator, a task force created in 2002 that was dedicated to building scalable companies of color.

Windows also offers multiple desktops, so you can dedicate different spaces to certain apps or windows.

Our Sessions events are daylong programs dedicated to the popular topics that bring founders, engineers, investors and academics to one place.

Apple laid out some interesting updates to its App Store rules this morning, the most headline-grabbing of which was a section dedicated to cloud gaming platforms like Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia.

This independent bipartisan commission was created by the Help America Vote Act of 2002, and while there’s no page dedicated to checking your registration, it’s not hard to find.

This allows me to take on more meetings as the week develops and dedicate my time to others because I’ve already accomplished any necessary work.

According to LinkedIn’s data, 23 percent worry that their boss will think they aren’t dedicated if they don’t go back in, more than any other age group.