Misapply [verb]

Definition of Misapply:


Synonyms of Misapply:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misapply:


Sentence/Example of Misapply:

Muhammadans generally misunderstand and misapply the doctrine of "Qismat" or Fate.

Misapply their lessons and you grope in the dark and stumble at every step.

I add this so distinctly, lest any should misapply Mr. Rich.

I call myself a solitary, but sometimes I think 68I misapply the term.

I call myself a solitary, but sometimes I think I misapply the term.

This was to misunderstand and misapply the principle of morality.

The majority could not afford to waste or misapply its resources.

He could not misquote or misapply the word, neither could he be indifferent about it.

Another way to make your tax odious, is to misapply the produce of it.

They are taught by priest and Jesuits in the confessional, to misapply that term altogether.