Cherish [verb]

Definition of Cherish:

care about deeply

Synonyms of Cherish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cherish:

Sentence/Example of Cherish:

I cherish this little holiday listening ritual, but it still felt too new, too insignificant to mention back in the autumn of 2018 when Cowell — who died Thursday at 79 — invited me into his Maryland home to talk about his music.

That said, many a gamer will cherish the idea of playing the latest in this venerable series day one, so pre-ordering a copy is a possibility if none of the other games really ring their bell.

To pay for it, she took aim at a tax break cherished by the private equity industry.

After much soul searching, lengthy discussions and extensive evaluations of our long-term goals, my family and I decided this was the right time to pass our responsibility and cherished stewardship.

Many of you are my sources, subjects, friends, confidantes, dinner companions, onstage dueling partners, cherished critics, and more.

This contempt for the masses they cherish until they have to descend from Parnassus and enter the public service.

Had Mr. Wilding been other than she now learnt he was, he would surely not cherish an attachment for a person so utterly unworthy.

She was careful to cherish in herself an openness to noble impressions and to the high poetry of nature and life.

Kitty Tynan had certainly enough imagination to make her cherish a mystery.

The wolf is capable of strong attachments, and has been known to cherish the memory of a friend for a great length of time.