Revere [verb]

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I honour the plant, I revere the tree, and would cherish its branches.

He is buried in my heart, not in the earth, and I shall love him and revere him always!

In tenderest love may we ever cherish and bless and revere her memory.

Other nations may revere that name, but no Roman can endure it.

Revere does not mention the fact that he was himself a member of the Tea-Party.

Most of these facts are from Frothingham's "Siege," 57-59, and from Revere's letter.

It is to be found in several books, notably Goff's "Life of Revere."

At any rate, the signals were hung while Revere was crossing the river to Charlestown.

But he was too late: Dawes was gone, Revere was on the water, and the news was out.

From Warren's Revere went home, got his "boots and surtout," and started.