Nourish [verb]

Definition of Nourish:

feed, care for

Synonyms of Nourish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nourish:

Sentence/Example of Nourish:

He had not thought of God as the bond of life between him and them, nor sought to nourish the life in them.

You are poor and have not the wherewithal with which to nourish your mother.

It is as if we took some minute poison with everything that was intended to nourish us.

In general it may be observed, that those kinds of fish which are well grown, nourish better than the young and immature.

When I blow on the tinder my object is to nourish the flame.

The Sitaris covets this honey to nourish its offspring, and the chamber to shelter it.

If we nourish him, his heart will go quicker, to be sure; but what will his brain be at?

If you nourish and cultivate it and care for it, it will grow too.

They tasted fine and seemed to nourish him, so he really didn't care.

Nourish your idea plants that have been starved; prune your word plants.