Overthrown [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Overthrown:

The usual diligence and order of the Counting-house at the Works were overthrown.

That your schemes are known to man, and overthrown by Heaven.

And, above all, the banners should be firmly grasped, so that they may not be overthrown.

He had never recovered from that vote of the Chamber which had overthrown him.

And when he had overthrown the strange dog the gang went in to finish it.

Often and often it has happened that old conclusions have been overthrown by new knowledge.

When night had come his cavalry was overthrown, his footmen broken.

He was aware that so restless a people, when they had overthrown the monarchy, would not limit the overthrow to their own country.

"Gloria" was coming back, and the work of months was overthrown!

His self-righteousness was overthrown; his pride was in the dust.