Yellow [adjective]

Definition of Yellow:


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Sentence/Example of Yellow:

Here and there a yellow clump of forsythia is like a spot of sunshine.

I am the master-shipman of this yellow cog, and my name is Goodwin Hawtayne.

She bounded about in the sun and chased the blue and yellow butterflies.

The arrow that he sped from his cross-bow struck in the yellow flanks.

It was very old and yellow, and torn, too, and we could not read it.

Now we'll see a ding-dong finish, if the Black doesn't show a streak of yellow.

And now Lauzanne's yellow head was even with the others; and soon it was in front.

If we are going to combat the 'yellow peril' we must combine against it.

It had been rebound in yellow calf, and was in a good condition.

We had a white cat, with yellow spots, which I painted white.