Cracking [verb]

Definition of Cracking:

break, usually into parts

Synonyms of Cracking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cracking:

Sentence/Example of Cracking:

The party that controls the maps can grab power through packing or cracking.

His foot caught; it is unknown in what,—in a twisted tie, or perhaps in a crevice of the cracking earth.

Along the shore they sped, speaking not a word till they had got the village in sight and their arms were cracking in the joints.

After waiting long, the hunters heard high above them a cracking, rushing sound; and suddenly they saw a great, hovering object.

"Up to sixteen thousand tons," Darrin replied, without cracking a smile.

Neither did his ears hear at first a low muffled cracking that had been going on for some time.

He withdrew his head and looked about him on either side and behind—listening intently for the cracking of a twig or a footfall.

Nothing more was heard therein but the crackling of the fire, the cracking of the walls, the falling of the rafters.

Off they moved, the whole wobblety procession, to the cracking of native whips and howls of the admiring vagabonds.

From this cloud issued the cracking of whips mingled with excited shouts and exclamations of anger.