Stupendous [adjective]

Definition of Stupendous:

wonderful, amazing

Opposite/Antonyms of Stupendous:

Sentence/Example of Stupendous:

Travelers have differed in their measurements of this stupendous growth.

"Fairly bobbish, thank you," he answered, looking at her with stupendous gravity.

For this thing that they had done was rather a stupendous thing.

A stupendous discovery or a pitiful figment of a lunatic brain!

They were—stupendous thought—living in a new world of matter!

By a stupendous effort Gregory shaped a story that to him seemed likely.

This is too stupendous an undertaking, however, for Mexican capital or enterprise.

This stupendous mass of bosh could not have been produced unless there were a demand for it.

He has just that one stupendous superiority—his imagination, his intellect.

For the stupendous changes in Europe he cared next to nothing.