Horrific [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Horrific:

This is not unique to my own story but most people of color have horrific stories to tell about how their D&I rep was disconnected from the problems they faced at their firm.

Some of the most innovative, beautiful, and horrific characteristics of plants and animals have also been shaped by arms races in nature.

Nine days later, Belarus is besieged by a horrific level of violence, including more than 6,000 arrests and at least two confirmed deaths.

In 1991, he drove into the capital with two female colleagues and discovered that Iraqi troops had committed myriad horrific crimes.

The costs of such quick herd immunity, however, would be horrific.

Horrific yells and screams could be heard by the men as they looked on from their distant position.

Immediately after that he drank a horrific draft of white wine for the ease of his kidneys.

All these thrown in the pot of political regeneration made a situation that was tragically immoral and horrific.

Horrid fellows are they, one and all; horrid fellows and horrific scenes.

Quite suddenly they seemed to stand up against the blazing sky, monstrous, horrific, smiting the senses like a blow.