Dreading [verb]

Definition of Dreading:

anticipate with horror

Synonyms of Dreading:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dreading:

Sentence/Example of Dreading:

I spent the last golden days of fall mentally preparing myself to spend winter alone, bundled up in blankets and existential dread.

I started to dread every time I put the oximeter around my finger, fearing this would be the day that the measurement dropped below 95, the bottom end of “normal,” and Carrie would have to take me to the emergency room.

He tried not to acknowledge Wednesday as the two-year anniversary of his injury and kept noticing, with dread, the rack of throwback jerseys that Washington would wear Sunday that sat all week in the team’s training room.

There are always holiday naysayers who dread Thanksgiving, loathe “It’s a Wonderful Life” and shout, “Bah, humbug!”

The new Supreme Court term will open on Monday under a cloud of uncertainty — and dread, if you’re a liberal.

"Yes, yes," cried his lordship impatiently, dreading a repetition of what had occasioned him such intense pain.

She guessed what was coming; she had been a good deal afraid of it all the time; it was her only cause of dreading Coronado.

It might have been fancied that Nature, dreading his bold spirit, adopted the plan of slowly undermining his bodily power.

Michael Strogoff could not help smiling at the epithet bestowed on him, dreading spies as he did above all else.

Quin had been dreading the question, but when it came he did not evade it.