Cringe [verb]

Definition of Cringe:

flinch, recoil from danger

Synonyms of Cringe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cringe:

Sentence/Example of Cringe:

We live in a golden age of cringe, an art form defined, at least in part, by its grotesquely earnest monuments to politicians.

The same amount of pride which makes a man treat haughtily his inferiors, makes him cringe servilely to those above him.

And then, that a thought should knock me prone, and make me cringe—from the mere fact of its lowness and meanness!

The captives were pale and seemed to cringe from the pale interrogation light.

My grand signior, Vouchsafe a beso las manos, and a cringe Of the last edition.

Beside a falsify may spoil his cringe, Or making of a leg, in which consists Much of his Court-perfection.

The clergy at the north cringe beneath the corrupting influence of slavery, and their moral courage is borne down by it.

Luellas expansive bravery beneath the row of biscuit puffs seemed to shrink and cringe as she took in the thought.

Osgood had permitted him to talk on in this fashion, although again and again Shultzs words made Ned cringe inwardly.

He must learn his lesson; learn to cringe and whine like the rest of them.