Cower [verb]

Definition of Cower:

hide, hover in fear

Synonyms of Cower:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cower:

Come out



Sentence/Example of Cower:

Will not this coming Yankee Congress force all the world either to cower before them, or check them by upholding us?

And he would cower in the background blushing his absurd little blushes at his second-hand temerity.

Wave after wave of them come across in their field gray-blue uniforms and they never cower.

If, with growing clarity of vision, catastrophe ensued, then was time enough to shrink and cower.

But even then Ruth could not speak; it had come in too tender a moment, had found her too exposed; she could only cower back.

I have seen the stoutest captains of Ashur cower beneath that deadly hail!

So the lower part of his moral being began to cower; he glanced furtively at the company.

The mild face seemed to cower behind the truculent moustache; the eyes, bright and bloodshot, winced when one met them.

Nowise inbred in me is it to fight a runaway battle, neither to cower in fear.

Now he seemed to cower in exaggerated fright before the Prosecutor's pointed finger.