Toady [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Toady:

I mean to hold my own, and do as I please with my own, and live as I like, and toady no one.

I guess they got you up here simply to make you toady to them.

"I did—but I was afraid the fellows would kill me if I didn't do it," whined the toady.

"Oh, I'll take you up," cried the other, stung into recklessness by Toady's taunts.

Billiard has been used to saying the word and Toady has obeyed.

"Up Pike's Peak," said Toady, without so touch as looking back.

Oh, pshaw, Toady, I tell you there ain't such a thing as a ghost!

Toady was in deadly earnest, but still the older boy temporized.

Toady's never seen what one looks like, so we're taking him along to get a peek at it.

"I shan't hit you while you're down," said Toady calmly but decisively.