Flatterer [noun]

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The term, an able courtier, implies blame rather than praise, since it too often means an able flatterer.

But trust her not, when she speaks of me, for she is a flatterer.

How beautiful a girl she must now be if that photograph was no flatterer!

He was not a parasite or a flatterer even of the great, but met them apparently on equal terms, as a monarch of the mind.

Her own works praise her, and the mere flatterer's tongue is awed into respectful silence.

He alludes to the story of Damocles, a flatterer of one of those Sicilian tyrants, namely Dionysius.

The prince loved flattery dearly, though he had wit to despise the flatterer.

And then Gould was an injudicious flatterer; he made the flattered fellow uncomfortable.

I should like to wake up some morning an emperor, that I might sting with my whip the backbone of a flatterer.

It was said long ago that when flattery did not succeed it was the fault of the flatterer, not of the flattery.