Quake [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Quake:

If I do not make Hickman quake now-and-then, he will endeavour to make me fear.

She surveyed us both with a scorn in her eyes that made us quake a little.

You'll see the plants which make me quake; you'll see the springs, such a shower of water!

I'm that fearsome, that I declare I shiver and quake at nothing.

It got to be so that whatever we touched began to quake and quiver.

He was, I think, the only man in Thrums who did not quake when the minister looked at him.

He noticed her strange coldness, and his heart began to quake.

The concrete was a 1-4-7 mixture wet enough to quake when rammed.

There are moments when I quake with the fear that it is all a dream.

Calandrino incontinent began to quake and said, 'Alack, how so?