Widespread [adjective]

Definition of Widespread:


Opposite/Antonyms of Widespread:

Sentence/Example of Widespread:

Some had evidently come from afar, for the fame of the revivalist was widespread.

To resume, monogamy is by far the most widespread form of marriage.

But, even so, the widespread destruction could not be accounted for.

The sources of information of the Weather Bureau are widespread.

But no one imagined, at that time, how widespread was the Katipunan league.

In the discussion of witchcraft, it has been shown that a delusion may be as widespread as a truth.

Moralism is perhaps the most widespread of all the concepts that we are now discussing.

Among white Southerners this feeling is widespread and positive.

There is a widespread view that may be expressed somewhat as follows.

It is undoubtedly her songs that have made her fame so widespread.