Wholesale [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wholesale:

His wholesale business has grown enormously, especially since 1860.

And this, his only article of food, he buys at wholesale, like his robes and undergarments.

That's four million, and I should take a royalty of four shillings on wholesale orders.

She may not be at liberty to dispose of it in this wholesale manner.

“Them terms of retail and wholesale is my own,” said Mr. Gubb.

Wholesale houses, says a high authority, are "not dull, but stone dead."

Could you find him a place in a wholesale merchant's office?'

If they are, how shall we explain the wholesale destruction of those they hold most dear?

Is this to be a wholesale attack, then, on our national courage?

What has he been doing now—taking the rats of the swamp by wholesale, I presume?