Shrouded [adjective]

Definition of Shrouded:

filmy, obscure

Synonyms of Shrouded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shrouded:




Sentence/Example of Shrouded:

Then the door was shrouded by an ever-changing semicircle of curious observers.

Princess Mary's charming countenance was shrouded with a dull pallor.

His face, shrouded in a high-growing, dust-coloured beard, invited no attention.

It is a point that I fear will always be shrouded in mystery.

They were shrouded in the fog which made the night heavy, opaque, and nauseous.

I was prepared, I think, for shrouded priests or naked fakirs.

The steady blaze of two colossal fires was shrouded by vast screens.

I say nothing of father, for he is shrouded in a mystery I have never been able to penetrate.

All was shrouded in the city silence, which yet has a peculiar, monotonous ring in it.

Returning, she crept to the window, shrouded as it was by the inner curtain.