Clouded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Clouded:

Aristide again sought the message of the stars; but the sky was clouded over, and soon a fine rain began to fall.

"I believe that is what they call it," Gordon answered, gazing back at her with his densely clouded blue eyes.

It was this double attitude which, from the moment Murat became King, clouded the relations between him and Napoleon.

Doubt, suspicion, anger clouded vision; pain routed the impersonal conception.

So the clouded day broke sullenly, with gusts of warm rain and red gleams of a sun striving to disperse the mists.

As the evening approached the weather clouded in and threatened us with another squall from the eastward.

Then it clouded down, and they ate lunch while the rain dashed furiously on the windows of the dining car.

He found her apt and intelligent, and for Sara Lee much that had been clouded cleared up forever that night.

His mind seems to have become clouded, and the lassitude and ennui his work caused him is everywhere apparent.

She nodded, admitting its truth, and her face clouded before a vision starting out of the shadows.