Undisclosed [adjective]

Definition of Undisclosed:

not disclosed

Synonyms of Undisclosed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undisclosed:

Sentence/Example of Undisclosed:

It was hard for us to bear the intensity of that undisclosed distress.

May there be an undisclosed principal to a negotiable instrument?

As a general rule an undisclosed principal, when discovered, is liable upon the contract of his agent.

The undisclosed principal may enforce against third persons the contract of his agent.

There can be no such thing as undisclosed principal in case of a negotiable instrument.

This question is discussed more at length under the title "Undisclosed Principal."

In this event the third person is said to be estopped from the right to sue the undisclosed principal.

In case of an undisclosed principal, the agent is liable personally as well as the undisclosed principal.

Is an undisclosed principal when discovered, liable for the acts of his agent?

Her great womanhood he recognized, acknowledging obedience to her undisclosed intentions.