Sequestered [verb]

Definition of Sequestered:

isolate, seclude

Synonyms of Sequestered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sequestered:

Sentence/Example of Sequestered:

Any sober intelligence from my sequestered life is all you have to expect from me.

Perhaps she was just as sequestered and guileless and inexperienced as that.

The most sequestered, the most 263 dreary place, I have yet seen.

"The journal is sequestered," said the inspector to David Rossi.

This, too, was sequestered by a judge's order, "awaiting proceedings."

He crept into a sequestered spot, and watched their progress.

They accepted the gift and sequestered the property on the terms of the donor.

Christopher was fond of viewing life from this sequestered corner.

I determined to go to some sequestered resort where my face was unfamiliar.

They live retired and sequestered from the eyes of their fellow-citizens.