Disregarded [verb]

Definition of Disregarded:

ignore; make light of

Opposite/Antonyms of Disregarded:

Sentence/Example of Disregarded:

Meatpacking companies “have refused to take basic precautions to protect their workers, many of whom earn extremely low wages and lack adequate paid leave, and have shown a callous disregard for workers’ health,” Clyburn said in the letters.

More bizarrely, the planets have arranged themselves with complete disregard for the standard layout that most solar systems tend to follow.

The slave code brings into view a host of assumptions about who is valued and who is not, about who has standing in this country and who can be treated, to echo the sentiment of the Dred Scott case, with a generalized sense of disregard.

Hard to call this a true victory for press freedom, given the judge's disregard for journalists' rights in the ruling.

Its popularity reflects a confusing combination of trust in maps and respect for institutions with a complete disregard for science and scholarship.

“As exciting as last night’s victory against Clemson was,” Jenkins wrote in a letter to students, “it was very disappointing to see evidence of widespread disregard of our health protocols at many gatherings over the weekend.”

But all his dying68 advice and solemn charges the Prince eventually disregarded.

There is an entry in Godalming parish registers, on this very road, which shows that this was no disregarded law.

Alone in the Assembly, without a friend, he attacked all parties alike, and was by all disregarded.

Hence, when lawful covenant engagements are disregarded by a community, the excellence which gave it an attractive power is gone.