Painted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Painted:

Whether it had ever been painted, was a question not easily solved.

There is a kind of beauty that seems made to be painted on ivory, and such was hers.

For Shakespeare must have painted this second Hamlet unconsciously.

The Peace Mark was only one of the significant ways in which Indians painted their faces.

I painted on it one day when she was gone, and she didn't know it.

You could see them as plain as if they was painted on the moon with ink.

The house must be aired and painted and papered, and window-glass set—there's no end!

We had a white cat, with yellow spots, which I painted white.

I want to say here, however, that not all the brewers are as black as they are painted.

Upon it, in great white letters, was painted the name, "The Bloodhound."