Depicted [verb]

Definition of Depicted:

describe, render in drawing or writing

Synonyms of Depicted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depicted:

Sentence/Example of Depicted:

“The Crown” seized the opportunity to depict this foretelling moment in its latest season, tweaking Diana’s response to, “Oh, yes, absolutely” but keeping Charles’s perceived detachment intact.

You’ve got to have a cold heart not to feel touched by the resilience depicted here.

The grievances, obtained via a public records request to the Federal Trade Commission, depict novice investors in over their heads, struggling to understand why they’ve lost money on stock options or had shares liquidated to pay off margin loans.

Situated on Fort Lauderdale Beach, the estate gives guided tours across extensive grounds that depict the Bartlett lifestyle.

A popular caricature of older people depicts them as hopeless with technology, fumbling with remote controls or struggling to navigate the Internet.

The show depicts life among a tightknit squad of the LAPD’s “Special Weapons and Tactics team,” headed by Sgt.

The Artist Series depicts beloved outdoor destinations like Oregon’s Mount Bailey, and a portion of proceeds go to a nonprofit of the artist’s choosing.

A Michigan Department of State spokeswoman confirmed that the video did not depict illegal behavior.

The playful book, an extension of a popular Instagram account of the same name, depicts 200 locations in 50 countries, with images from 180 contributing photographers, that echo the signature style of film director Wes Anderson.

Batyrov said that Kazakhstan’s culture is completely different from what’s depicted in the movie, but that he was pleased to see the country’s tourism board lean in to the publicity by using Borat’s “very nice” catchphrase in its own promos.