Surfaced [verb]

Definition of Surfaced:

come to the top of

Synonyms of Surfaced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surfaced:

Sentence/Example of Surfaced:

The posts and cleat are surfaced on four sides, while the other pieces are surfaced on only two sides.

The cement can be forced into place with the hands and then surfaced with a trowel.

The sides and bottom of the keyway should be surfaced true with the file.

Apparently all the subs had surfaced, for the charges were falling on all sides.

At night, he had surfaced to get his bearings and to recharge the air tanks.

Rick surfaced again and swam to the boat, which had drifted a few feet.

His curiosity satisfied for the moment, Rick surfaced and rejoined Scotty.

Forty feet away, they surfaced and played with each other for a moment.

Ross surfaced cautiously, to discover there was no visibility to wave level.

The sides of these specimens will be surfaced and the ends smooth sawn.